Ten things to spot in a Nativity play – by Trish Burgess

Blogger Trish Burgess.
Blogger Trish Burgess.
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There is something rather adorable about a Nativity play. I have witnessed many over the years and can assure you that the following are highly likely to be present.

Indeed, nativity plays just wouldn’t be the same without them.

1. The tired child. It’s coming to the end of a busy term so there will be plenty of yawns and, occasionally, an angel will nod off completely.

2. The child with stagefright. This little one has been looking forward to the play for weeks but, once on stage, it’s all a bit too much, Cue wobbly lip, tears and the need to be rescued.

3. The shouter. Teacher will have told everyone to be nice and loud but there is always someone much shoutier than the rest, lacking a little subtlety in line-delivery.

4. The waver. Mummy and Daddy are in the audience and this little sweetie wants to make sure they have been spotted in their costume. Quite often the waver will also be the shouter.

5. Inappropriate behaviour. There will usually be a nose-picker, a scratcher and a tights-puller-upper. Chances are they will be at the front.

6. Overenthusiastic percussionists. The triangle and tambourine players are very proud to have this important role. Their high level of concentration is matched by dings and rattles that last a few bars after the carol has finished.

7. Wardrobe malfunctions. Crowns will slip, shepherds’ tea towels will fall off and angels’ halos are likely to become wonky. Someone didn’t read the memo about footwear and turns up wearing luminous trainers.

8. Problems with props. If all three wise men remember to carry their gifts then this really will be a Christmas miracle.

9. Baby blues. The Baby Jesus is content, swaddled up in the manger, until it’s time for him to be cradled by his mother and father. This is likely to be a tad fierce and he could well be lobbed from one to the other via his left leg.

10. Animals galore. The stable is occupied by so many animals it resembles Noah’s Ark. Apparently the shepherds and wise men brought many species with them to Bethlehem: camels, bunny rabbits and mice will be muscling in on the action.

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