Ten bin lorries worth of waste in one month could not be recycled

Bin lorries ANL-141119-124030001
Bin lorries ANL-141119-124030001
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THINK GREEN: By South Holland District Council’s waste and recycling officer Laura Simpkins

Contamination is when materials that shouldn’t be in the green bag are left out for collection.

These are both non-recyclable items like food waste and crisp packets and non- target materials, which are those that can’t be recycled in our area.

We often talk about contamination, but why is it important?

Our contamination rate has recently fallen to around eight per cent, which is fantastic, and we would like to thank our recyclers for putting out the right things.

However, the picture above reveals how much of our recycling each month is going to waste.

Last month this meant that around ten vehicle loads that were sent for recycling could not be recycled.

This shows how many green bags contained items that were non-recyclable.

These green bags either had the wrong items in the bag or recyclable items that were once ready to be recycled had been degraded by items that should not be in there such as food waste, which can make some items damp and mouldy.

We are urging our residents just to use the green bags for their right purpose, as any income from recycling goes back into vital council services.

A few items that we often find that can’t be reprocessed are pet food pouches, paper towels, hard plastic items including washing up bowls, food waste, garden waste and any electrical items.

Remember to recycle your paper, cardboard, plastic tubs/pots/trays, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, cans, tins and foil.

A full list of what you can recycle is available online at www.greenbaglottery.co.uk alternatively please ring 01775 761161 or email recycling@sholland.gov.uk