Teenager was left terrified after man approached her in village

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A CONVICTED sex offender has been jailed after he left a schoolgirl terrified after grabbing hold of her.

Leroy Brittain was driving when he spotted the 17-year-old on the A15 as she got off a school bus in a village near Bourne.

Yesterday Phil Howes, prosecuting at Lincoln Crown Court, said Brittain turned his van around and pulled up in a lay-by alongside the girl.

Brittain complimented the teenager on her looks but as she walked away he grabbed hold of her wrist.

Mr Howes said: “He asked her name. She gave a false name and asked to be let go.

“He asked if she had a boyfriend and asked her age. He told her she looked older.

“She was shouting to him to let go and was distressed.

“It must have been obvious to the defendant that his advances were not appreciated.

“His grip became tighter and he pulled her close to the window.

“After the conversation about her age he let her go. She ran off and he drove away in the opposite direction.”

Mr Howes said the girl was left “sickened” by what happened.

She later told police: “I keep thinking about what he had in mind and how he would not let go of me.

“It still affects me every day. I have suffered nightmares.”

Brittain was later arrested but claimed he only spoke to the girl and did not take hold of her.

The court was told that in 2003 he was convicted of two offences of indecent assault after groping women he approached while driving a van in the Bury St Edmunds area.

He was also convicted in 2010 of an offence arising out of an incident when he made sexual comments towards a number of teenage schoolgirls in Grantham after approaching them while driving a van.

Brittain (30), of Five Acre Park, Broad Drove, Gosberton Clough, admitted false imprisonment as a result of the incident on March 15 and was jailed for 18 months.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “This must have been a very frightening experience for that young girl.”

Andrew Howarth, defending, said Brittain did not leave his van and made no attempt to pull the girl into the vehicle.

He described the incident as “a crude and clumsy pass at a 17-year-old girl”.

Mr Howarth said “It seems to be a further incident of impulsive behaviour.

“He only had hold of her for a few seconds.”