Teddies have a head for heights

Moulton Mill'Teddy parachuting'Names: Joss Freeman
Moulton Mill'Teddy parachuting'Names: Joss Freeman
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DAREDEVIL teddies and other cuddly toys proved they had a head for heights by floating off the top of Moulton Mill.

The 100ft tower mill, the tallest windmill in the UK, staged its annual weekend teddy parachuting event with visitors of all ages accepting the aerial challenge.

Fluffy toys tied to parachutes in the form of carrier bags were floated from the top of the mill, with children and adults waiting below to catch them.

Medical cover was available to treat any injured toys while their owners were presented with certificates as a reward for their toys’ bravery.

Alan Lambert, chairman of the Friends of Moulton Mill, said: “It’s a fun event we have every year and it still retains an interest.

“People come along with their cameras to take pictures of their furry friends floating down from the top of the mill.

“One year we had a couple of nurses on site and if children didn’t catch their teddies, the toys were bandagedup and given a bravery award.

“Some parents bring their children along as a bit of a cover because they enjoy it so much.”