Taste for the modern in furniture

Retro furniture is still a popular style trend.
Retro furniture is still a popular style trend.
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In this year commemorating the centenary of the First World War it is interesting to think that it was the Second World War, just a few years later, that gave many people in Britain their first taste of ‘modern’ furniture.

Unfortunately, it was Utility furniture and, according to Retro website Retrowow, it was not to many people’s taste.

The website reads: “They had seen the glamour of the Art Deco era in cinema interiors and wanted something a bit more stylish in their homes.”

However, that simple style of furniture is being appreciated all over again by contemporary homeowners who like the honest, clean lines that it brings.

Some will go to auctions and antique shops to try to source the authentic thing. After all, much of the original furniture was very well made and capable of giving years of service.

However, as is always the case with fashion, whatever is designed and seen as innovative eventually trickles down to the high street where a somewhat watered down version, probably more acceptable to the majority of us, becomes available at a price we can afford.

Retro furniture has been popular in shops for some time – a good example is the lovely yellow sofa and chairs currently on display in the front window of Hills Furniture Store.

It is being shown with other retro pieces, but sometimes a single item in a room makes for a bigger impact.

Perhaps a sideboard cabinet, a coffee table or even a lamp.

The easiest way to add retro style to a room is to buy a fabulous chair. There are all kinds available, from easy chairs to Scandinavian-designed wooden types, and it’s not necessary to spend lots of money. Time to go bargain hunting!