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Spalding area residents urged to find a home for Tallulah the bearded lurcher

Hi, my name is Tallulah! I am a lovable, playful, young dog looking for a family that can keep up with me.

I am a sociable girl and could potentially live with another playful dog. I can be shy when meeting new people but I come round quite quickly, especially if you bring something tasty – hot dogs are my favourite!

I could live with children aged 11 and above and I’d like my new owners to be around all of the time as I find being on my own a bit worrying at the moment. I do think my leaving hours could be built up eventually but it will take some time.

Tallluah is looking for a home (32347671)
Tallluah is looking for a home (32347671)


I am a real character once you get to know me and I can promise life with me will never be dull!Call 01205 260546 oremail at slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk.

Ways to keep your dogs occupied while working from home

To minimise the spread of the Coronavirus, the Jerry Green Fun Dog Show being held at our South Lincolnshire centre on Sunday, April 19 has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

But if you’re looking for ideas to keep your dogs stimulated whilst working from home, why not try some of these ideas:

  • Create your own agility course (if safe to do so) in the comfort of your own home!
  • Try freezing some of your dog’s favourite treats or put some meat in a Kong or food puzzle toy. They’re long lasting games to keep your dogs entertained and engaged for a long time.
  • If you have some spare cardboard boxes at home, why not fill them with fun scents and treats for your dog to find? They’ll enjoy figuring out how to get to them but be warned, it may be a bit messy!

Training tip: Ways to get them to leave it

A “leave it” cue can valuable in many situations, such as when we drop something off the kitchen countertop. It is a cue that must be built up gradually so that our dogs have the best chance of success!

To start with have your dog in front of you and food in both hands. One hand is going to be in front of the dog’s nose and the other behind your back.

The hand in front of your dog is the “leave it” hand, and the treats inside this hand should be less interesting than the hand behind your back.

Present your hand to your dog; they will be very interested in the food in the hand that is front of their nose and may paw, lick, nibble or chew your hand. Be patient, do not move your hand away and keep it still, as this is much less interesting and your dog will give up quicker.

When our dog backs off from the hand or looks away (it only needs to be slightly), mark this behaviour (e.g. “good”) and reward them with a treat from your hand that is behind your back.

Keep repeating this exercise and presenting your hand. Once the dog is consistently leaving the hand alone, swap hands and repeat the process.

Keep repeating this exercise with a closed hand and when your dog automatically moves/looks away when you present your hand then we can then add the verbal “leave it” cue.

Tell your dog to “leave it” and then present your closed hand- reward your dog if they left the hand alone.

This process starts setting up your dog to be able to leave items alone when asked- have a look at next week’s training tips to see how we can progress this cue further.

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