Talks of peace ahead of demonstrations

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Talks are taking place today with police to firm up plans for an anti-immigration march in Spalding – just days after a visit to the town by the Polish Consulate.

Consul General Łukasz Lutostański met local Polish people needing help with passport applications on Saturday and discussed relations between the public and Eastern Europeans living and working in the area.

He said: “I spoke to Polish families living in the area to improve our work there, to get to know the possible problem our citizens have.

“Luckily, I can say that the Polish community in Lincolnshire does not have any particular problems they can speak of.

“They do know they are appreciated hard workers and they can’t complain about any bad reactions from the locals.

“There are a few areas we can focus on: multi-cultural co-operation, some law differences and better understanding of them, co-operation with the council and local police to ensure that both sides appreciate each other’s values and responsibilities.”

While in the area, he also spoke with Boston Borough councillors on their task and finish report on the impact of population change.

Other discussions included challenges for the Polish and British community with regards to recent anti-immigration protests.

Another consular service is planned within next two months in Boston, close to the date of the anti-immigration march on Saturday, April 20, and a static protest in Wisbech on Saturday, May 18.

Mr Lutostański said he was aware of plans for the protests.

He said: “We do not have enough information yet to give our opinions.

“I fully understand and appreciate the right for democracy and protests to express local points of view.

“From my side I can assure you that we monitor the situation very carefully and will look for our citizens security if needed.”

Protest organiser Dean Everitt said: “We are not against immigrants – we’re against uncontrolled immigration.

“We are looking at a second protest in Wisbech because of the high unemployment there and the high number of murders.”

Mr Everitt said he had heard there were plans for a counter march by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

He said: “I hope the police will not allow them to march on the same days as ours.

“We are planning peaceful demonstrations and will be able to give more information after our meeting with the police.”

No-one from UAF was available for comment at the time of going to press.

However, South Holland and Deepings branch of UKIP plan to show their support at the march in Spalding.

Chairman Peter Bird said: “We are not racist but we are against the uncontrolled immigration that puts a strain on our schools and hospitals.

“We do not have many members who are activists, but we hope to have representation among the crowds – and perhaps hand out a few leaflets.”