Sylvia was a great animal lover

Sylvia Guillain
Sylvia Guillain
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OBITUARY: Sylvia Guillain

Mrs Sylvia Guillain of Bull Drove, Wrangle, passed away on June 22 at home age.

Born in Deeping St James on August 4, 1959, Sylvia went on to become a veterinary nurse and a pharmacy dispensing assistant.

She had a huge passion for animals and was very interested in animal behaviour and dog training.

Sylvia was also a big music fan and enjoyed playing both the guitar and the piano in her spare time.

Fixing and making things was also something Sylvia enjoyed doing as well as walking.

She is survived by her husband John, whom she married on November 6, 1993. A funeral was held at Birdsong Green Cemetery near Alford in Lincolnshire on July 8.

Family mourners were John Guillain (widower), Pamela Pockington, Jane Razagui, Sheila Pocklington-Turner and Clive Pocklington.