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Lovely Sybill has never had a home before

In the latest Man's Best Friend column, staff at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk try to find a dog a home and give some Halloween advice.

Sybill is a fun, sweet girl looking for an active home. Zoomies and jumping into the air is her favourite activity and she is very speedy when chasing a ball!

She has never lived in a home before so will need a family who is patient and won’t mind showing her the ropes in regards to toilet training and spending some time on her own.

Sybill still needs a loving home (51941206)
Sybill still needs a loving home (51941206)

She would need a large, secure garden with a six foot fence in a nice village location, to help gradually introduce her into home life. She may be able to live with another well matched dog who enjoys calm walks, snoozing and a zoom around.

She really loves other sighthounds, so a similar sized dog may be best. No other pets though, although some well-mannered walking buddies can be considered.

She can potentially share the house with children aged 13 years and over, pending a successful introduction, especially if they will play with her in the garden.

For more information, call 01205 260 546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Tips to help your dog at Halloween (51941203)
Tips to help your dog at Halloween (51941203)

Keeping your dogs safe and happy at Halloween

Halloween is full of fun, food and noise but it can be an overwhelming and frightening time for our furry friends. Here are some tips to follow about helping your dog feel a little better.

Keeping your dog safe from things that go bump in the night may be easier than you think with our top nine Halloween tips:

  • Keep the chocolate and sweeties out of reach– they can cause very upset tummies and be dangerous to dogs;
  • Keep them inside– for dogs that are worried and not confident in the dark or worried by things that go bump in the night, keep them indoors whilst you go out and about. Leave a radio on so any spooky noises are muffed;
  • Throw your old pumpkin away– mouldy pumpkins can cause neurological and tummy problems;
  • Save the glow sticks for the kids – the liquid in a glow stick will leave a nasty taste in your dog’s mouth;
  • Give them a safe place away from the door and ghoulish knockers – scary costumes and lots of noise can scare our dogs too;
  • Keep lit decorations out of reach– reduce the risk of your dog burning themselves or knocking them over;
  • Don’t dress them in a costume if they don’t like it. Think about whether your dog is the sort of pooch who likes to get involved in dressing up, and if they don’t mind why don’t you let them try it on a few times before the big night so they can practice their ghoulish moves?;
  • Keep battery and electrically-powered decorations out of reach – reduce the risk of your pooch being hurt by chewing on something they shouldn’t;
  • Make sure they’re microchipped and your details are up to date – if they do happen to escape or get lost their chip will increase their chances of being returned.

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