Swineshead teacher gives up classroom for dog walking

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Sally Grant gave up teaching to pick up dog poo but that is the only down side to her new life.

As well as losing ten per cent of her body weight since the summer, Sally has found the quality of life that was so badly lacking in her career.

Sally (29), who lives in Swineshead, switched from being an ‘outstanding teacher’ to setting up Cherished Paws, a dog walking service, and says although she may not be sure it is going to work out for her, there is one thing she is certain of.

She is not going back into teaching.

“The best part was working with the children,” says Sally, who spent seven years in the classroom at both primary and secondary schools.

“That’s what I went into teaching for and I still say I love teaching, love the kids. It’s a rewarding career between the hours of 9am and 3.30pm when the children are there.”

Sally Grant dreamed of having a better quality of life when she worked as a teacher. Photo: SG111115-211TW

Sally Grant dreamed of having a better quality of life when she worked as a teacher. Photo: SG111115-211TW

The trouble was the time spent either side of those hours and at weekends on paperwork and “box ticking”.

“It wouldn’t have been so bad if you could see the point of it and how it was going to benefit the children,” says Sally, who was marking 90 books in three different coloured pens because that’s what Ofsted wanted.

Then there was Sally’s feedback on the feedback of the students’ feedback on her feedback on their work...

“It would have been much better to have spent five minutes talking to them about it,” she says.

Things came to a head last Christmas when Sally’s husband Colin and her family could see how unhappy she was.

Sally grew up surrounded by dogs and horses on her father’s farm at Donington. She is passionate about her own dogs, two spaniels and a Cockapoo, who have been to agility and obedience classes – the Cockapoo is at champion level.

What she really wanted to do, Sally confided to Colin, was walk dogs, but felt she couldn’t afford to.

Sally says: “Colin said life is more important than money, and it was at that point we decided to do it.”

Sally began doing her research, setting up a website and finally gave up teaching in the summer.

Despite it being slow in the early days, Sally had no qualms about turning down three teaching jobs she was offered. Things have picked up now and she was actually turning clients away last week.

Sally said: “I am really pleased with how well it is going because it was completely unknown. I am hoping it’s going to work out, but I am certain I am not going back to teaching.”

To find out more about Cherished Paws, visit www.cherished-paws.com or email sally@cherished-paws.com or contact Sally on 07908 176927.