Sutton St James man threatened people with 25cm bladed knife

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.
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A Sutton St James man who threated three people with a 25cm bladed knife was today (Friday) jailed for 12 months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Joshua Lake had earlier been involved in a heated argument with his partner at their home.

Lake has since got back with his partner and she has visited him while he has been held in custody awaiting his sentence

Later when friends of his partner arrived at the property Lake turned his attention on them before the incident attracted the attention of neighbour Keith Steadman who went to intervene.

Stuart Lody, prosecuting, said: “Mr Steadman approached the property and he tried his best to calm everyone down.

“He was told to go away. The defendant then produced a knife with a blade 25 cms long. He pointed the knife at everyone, particularly Mr Steadman, and was waving it in the direction of their chests doing stabbing motions towards them.

“He threatened each of them in turn. He was very close to them, shouting abuse.”

Mr Steadman decided to retreat but as he did so Lake shouted: “I know where you live. Tonight I’m going to torch your house.”

Police were called to the incident and Lake was arrested.

Lake (22), of Baulkins Drove, Sutton St James, admitted charges of affray and possession of a knife in a public place as a result of the incident on November 21.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “This was obviously a very highly emotive situation with people shouting and screaming.

“You behaved outrageously. The only sentence I can justify for someone who commits offences of this type is custody.”

Sunil Khanna, in mitigation, said Lake’s relationship was going through a difficult time when the incident happened.

“He and his partner were going through a very difficult time. He is desperately, desperately sorry for what went on. He simply wanted everybody to leave.

“He accepts the other parties would have been terrified when he produced a knife. His intention was not to cause harm but to frighten them away.”

Mr Khanna said that Lake has since got back with his partner and she has visited him while he has been held in custody awaiting his sentence.