Sutton Bridge public loos out of action after poo is daubed across walls

John Grimwood pictured in 2014 with the parish council's cash reward to catch loo vandals.
John Grimwood pictured in 2014 with the parish council's cash reward to catch loo vandals.
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Public loos in Sutton Bridge are closed for a specialist deep clean because a vandal daubed poo across walls and sanitary ware.

Parish council chairman John Grimwood branded the attack as “disgusting” and says it appears whoever was responsible held the poo in a plastic bag while messing up the gents.

The attack means both the gents and the ladies have shut – because they share a gated entrance – but the disabled toilet will remain open to anyone who has a radar key.

The parish council has a permanent £100 cash reward on offer to members of the public who can name anyone responsible for vandalism at the loos, which are run by South Holland District Council (SHDC).

Parish councillors hope the cash will solve the problem – and someone will name the vandal.

Meanwhile the parish council is checking its CCTV recordings to help pinpoint the time and date of the attack.

The loos are accessed from the side of The Curlew Centre, in Bridge Road, and are used by shoppers, people going to Memorial Park and travellers on the A17.

Parish council chairman John Grimwood said: “Someone’s been in there and it looks like they have had poo in a plastic bag and smeared it all over the walls.

“The loos have got to be deep cleaned, they are not usable.

“I think it’s terrible. It’s a facility there for the village and it’s the same old story – it’s just the odd one or two people spoiling it for everybody in the village.”

Coun Grimwood said there was a similar incident of poo being smeared three months ago, but that involved a single cubicle and was quickly dealt with.

He wants the public to be vigilant and report any attacks.

Coun Grimwood said: “If anyone knows who has done this, please contact the parish council and we will go forward from there.”

The loos have suffered repeated vandalism and in May 2014 the parish council feared they would be closed down for good after five attacks in a year, involving water pipes being kicked off, broken loo paper holders and soaked toilet paper thrown at ceilings.

Parish councillors are again worried they could loose the loos, but SHDC says it has no plans to permanently close them down.

A spokesman for SHDC said: “The toilets will be closed while we carry out a deep clean of the facilities following recent vandalism.

“We are currently looking at options of making the toilets more secure in a bid to deter vandals, but we have no plans to permanently close the facilities.”

SHDC hopes to get the deep clean done this week so the loos can reopen early next week.

• Anyone with information can call the parish office 01406 350802.

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