Sutton Bridge Parish council hits back at cutting comments in grass mowing row

Library picture: St Matthew's Church at Sutton Bridge.
Library picture: St Matthew's Church at Sutton Bridge.
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Councillors hit back at cutting comments on social media in a row over mowing at the churchyard.

The council grass cutting contractor posted comments on Facebook, saying he wouldn’t be cutting the playing field and churchyard again, claiming he’d had to wait two months to be paid and was told he wouldn’t be paid for one cut because it wasn’t good enough.

He said the churchyard needed cutting weekly to be tidy but he wasn’t allowed to do that, claiming he was getting hassle from Sutton Bridge Parish Council and imagined its meetings “are like something out of the Vicar of Dibley”.

Council chairman John Grimwood said the churchyard had been left in “a terrible state” after “one sub-standard cut” and the council asked the contractor to come back and do it again.

He said: “I have stuck up for the said person on more than one occasion but I could not believe the state the churchyard was left in. Since then we have had another party come in and I have had nothing but good reports from people saying how well the churchyard looks.

“I think we are all trying to do our best for the village.”

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