SUTTON BRIDGE MARINA PLAN: Get a grip and pull plug on marina

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It is with great sadness that I read, despite my pleas in direct correspondence with Coun Davie (the recently appointed county council executive member for economic development), he has chosen not to do as I asked.

I suggested that as he is newly appointed, a fresh eye being cast over the plans for a marina would reveal a potential waste of taxpayers’ money, based on grossly inaccurate claims that it would generate £200,000 a year ‘spin-off’ benefit for Sutton Bridge.

What did he do instead? He asked the most interested officers at LCC, who have been cobbling together this flawed plan, not surprisingly, who convinced him that the project should go ahead. I even asked him to visit Sutton Bridge so he could see how bizarre the claims connected with the plan are, have been and still appear to be so. He did not respond.

Perhaps he is being quite clever? If the speed with which LCC, Fenland District Council and Nene Marine CIC Ltd have moved at for the past five or six years is anything to go by, we can all rest in the knowledge that nothing will happen by July 31.

As a result, it will just be the money wasted on the pontoons, bought when the ownership of the riverbank had not even been established; and the substantial costs in time and ‘consultants’ fees, since the idea was hatched by Nene Marine CIC Ltd.

Thus the bulk of the S106 funds will be saved for the benefit of the village.

Come on Coun Davie, get a grip and pull the plug, thus draining the marina now, rather than allow it to ‘dry out’ and fail eventually!

Chris Brandon-King