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Community Alcohol Partnership survey aims to reduce number of underage alcohol drinkers in Spalding

A survey has been released as part of an initiative to reduce underage drinking in Spalding.

The Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP), who first began their Spalding campaign in 2019 after success in Boston and Skegness, are attempting to better educate young people about both the positive and negative effects alcohol can have.

Alan Simpson, an adviser for the group, is trying to come up with imaginative ways to get the message across.

alcoholism concept, young people drinking beer on the street (48028010, anyaberkut))
alcoholism concept, young people drinking beer on the street (48028010, anyaberkut))

He said: “It’s not just talking to young people. It’s talking to their friends, the community, to retailers, anywhere there’s a negative influence of alcohol on the lives of young people.”

“We also need to listen to the community in Spalding to see what concerns they’ve got, and the survey will allow people to anonymously say where they believe the concerns lie.

“That will then allow us to engage with those young people and perhaps give them some support, some education and remind them of the damage they may potentially be doing to themselves by drinking.”

The CAP are working with the likes of Spalding Police, Alcohol Education Trust, major supermarkets and local schools to target the young population.

They have also enlisted the help of a young singer-songwriter who lost his brother to alcohol-related issues.

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