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Pinchbeck Morrisons should have closed during refurbishment

All is not right at Morrisons, Pinchbeck. Their promised ‘new look’ is causing ill-will and confusion, and all because they choose to remain open while the ‘improvements’ are being carried out.

What have we got so far? Banks of chiller units (for hopeless, lazy millennials who never learned to cook) are constantly breaking down, leaving puddles of water on the floor; aisles are being widened and narrowed on a daily basis, and growing crowds wander around looking perplexed as staples such as eggs, milk, bread and meat are shuffled around, making them difficult to find.

In line with this new ‘sophisticated’ image, Morrisons has chosen to discontinue a staple item on my shopping list, namely Savers Cat Litter at £1.55 for 10kg.

Letters (16551796)
Letters (16551796)

It’s not that the cheapest replacement is more than twice the price, more that I used to cut the used paper sacks of the bargain cat litter in half and use them to line the old moggy’s litter tray.

You can’t do that with plastic (and I thought supermarkets were supposed to be cutting down on that).

Morrisons should have taken a leaf out of the book of their competitor in Spalding, Aldi.

The German supermarket also underwent an extensive refit, but it closed down for three weeks.

None of this half-hearted, early-closing nonsense we are currently enduring in Pinchbeck.

When the store reopened, everything worked, and it was a definite improvement. Morrisons take note!

Nick Fletcher

via email

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