Super slimmer Del’s cycle challenge for Macmillan

Del Cruft when he weighed more than 20 stones.
Del Cruft when he weighed more than 20 stones.
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A man who once got out of breath going upstairs is taking on a coast-to-coast cycling challenge where he will climb 10,000ft in the first two days.

The difference in Del Cruft between then and now is that he’s shed a mighty six stones from his 6ft frame.

A slimline Del Cruft with sons Finnan and Sam.

A slimline Del Cruft with sons Finnan and Sam.

Graphic designer Del (41) tips the scales at 14st 7lbs and aims to do the ride as a “thank you” to Spalding WeightWatchers coach Helen Webster and to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Sadly, Del lost his dad, Eric, to bowel cancer in 2001.

His brother Lee had the same disease but is now cancer free.

Helen’s life is also touched by cancer as she supports her mum through treatment.

Del said: “The day you get diagnosed with cancer – or if you are supporting someone who has had that awful news – you feel there and then that that’s it, life is over, but Macmillan do an amazing job to make you realise that life isn’t over.”

The dad of two, from Haconby, turned his own life around because he wanted to be here for his family, wife Beth, and sons Finnan (7) and Sam (4).

His top weight was 20st 6lbs and he shed two stones with WeightWatchers groups and then a further four under Helen’s supervision at groups she leads.

Del says: “It’s frightening how little you realise you were hindered by being that heavy.

“I do so much more now and I am so much more active with the kids.

“You look back on it, and you realise you used to get out of breath going upstairs to bed at night.”

Del’s downfall – being a good cook – is also his salvation because he’s used his skill to create nutritious, healthy meals from scratch.

He said: “I was very proud of the fact that my six-year-old said ‘Dad, what does a chicken nugget look like?’ There can’t be many six-year-olds who haven’t seen a chicken nugget.”

Del says Helen was born to be a WeightWatchers coach because she’s incredibly supportive

Currently Del cycles 100 miles a week to train for his big ride, June 29-July 1, which will take him through the Lake District and the Pennines.

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