Super slimmer Ashley toasts her success

AShley Wilson now ANL-150324-112013001
AShley Wilson now ANL-150324-112013001
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Hours at the gym was getting Ashley Wilson nowhere fast – but six months after joining Slimming World she has dropped three dress sizes and is back to her former self, 
loving life – and food.

Feeling unhappy and uncomfortable, Spalding woman Ashley (28) recalls the realization when her clothes stop fitting.

Ashley Wilson before her weight loss ANL-150324-112003001

Ashley Wilson before her weight loss ANL-150324-112003001

“I hadn’t realised how quickly the weight had crept on. I knew I had to do something – especially when I realised I weighed the same as my Dad.

“I already cycled to work so I started swimming in a morning and spending an hour at the gym at night but I found this just made my appetite worse”

Inspired by a friend at work, who had started making her own lunches and was losing weight consistently, she found a Spalding Slimming World group and was amazed when she could still eat potatoes, pasta and bread.

“I realised I hadn’t been eating healthily and that’s why all the hours in the gym hadn’t helped me.

“I’m a big carb junkie so small, simple changes to the way I cooked made such a difference. No calorie counting or weighing, it was so easy and it didn’t involve 6.30am gym starts.”

In her first week Ashley lost 4.5lb: “It felt incredible, I couldn’t believe I had lost that much. I had been unhappy for such a long time.

“I just made simple changes to my favorite foods, making a sweet and sour sauce instead of using a jar and it tasted better.

By Christmas, Ashley had reached her target and regained her confidence.

Loving her new figure, Ashley is feeling positive for the future and is so happy with her weight loss she has decided to beocme a Slimming World consultant to help other people reach their goals.