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Spalding area's Trish Burgess takes 5 to look at the new Lincoln Imp Trail

There's a new sculpture trail coming to Lincoln this summer and already it's raised quite a few eyebrows, making its mark in the national newspapers.

Fresh from their success with the Charter Barons Trail in 2015 and the Knights Trail in 2017, Lincoln BIG (Business Improvement Group) have linked up with Wild in Art to create the Lincoln IMP trail for 2020.

The Lincoln Imp is a well-known character in the city. It's hidden away in the walls of the cathedral, representing a creature sent from Satan but turned into stone by an angel. The symbol of the city, the imp is the football club's mascot.

Charlie Langhorn andSarah Loftus (27125852)
Charlie Langhorn andSarah Loftus (27125852)


It's fair to say, however, the imp is usually seen in miniature. I don't suppose we've closely examined it before. Let's be frank. It's that dangling leg. No wonder it makes a good door knocker.

The Lincoln Imp will now be seen in all its glory when 30 full-size sculptures are unveiled. The imps will be decorated by artists then sponsored by businesses to raise money for the charity, St BarnabasHospice.

At the moment, however, the stark, white statue is waiting to be clothed in decorative acrylic paint and it does look a little exposed. The instructions for the artists suggest the imp is androgynous. Stop sniggering at the back!

Initially I wondered whether the theme would be Lincolnshire itself. My mind took a worrying turn as I imagined creations involving root vegetables or the famous Lincolnshire sausage.

I then pondered whether the letters i.m.p would be relevant. Would the design have to use the letters.

Impressive? Imperial? Maybe impala or impetigo? Oh let's not go there.

In fact, it's neither of these. The theme is myths, legends and discovery. The creative juices will be flowing, I'm sure, so that the snow-white imp is transformed into something spectacular.

I'm just not sure how they will incorporate the conspicuous appendage into the design. Hercules and his club? Thor and his hammer? The Loch Ness monster could even rear his ugly head.

The sculptures will be positioned around Lincoln from July 4. I can't wait to see what designs have been successful and I'm keen to join the crowds this summer hoping for a selfie. The Instagram Imp is sure to be popular.

I understand they auction the sculptures off at the end of the summer. I'm tempted to bid for one so it can have pride of place in the garden. That'll keep the birds away from the vegetable patch.

You can read Trish's blog at www.mumsgoneto.co.uk

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