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Did you join us for our summer show?

We had a wonderful day at our summer show on Sunday and if you came along to join us then we hope you did too. The sun almost managed to shine for us all day but despite the short shower we had, no one let it dampen their spirits!

There were many lovely stalls and we want to thank them all for coming along to join us too. Well done to all of the dogs that won a rosette and a prize, although we wish that everyone could have won. Big thank you also to South Lincolnshire veterinary group for sponsoring the rosettes and sparing a staff member for judging. Well done Tilly - it was hard picking winners but you did a wonderful job. Thank you also to Rooke’s Pet Products for donating prizes for the best in show winners.

We really hope everyone enjoyed the fun and we look forward to doing it all again next year! We managed to raise an amazing amount this year with the help of yourselves and everyone that attended -the total amount raised was more than £1,800. This money will go towards continuing our hard work and helping as many dogs as possible so again to all that helped towards this, thank you.

Dogs and owners at the summer show.
Dogs and owners at the summer show.

Someone must be searching for a companion like Tammy?

Poor Tammy is beginning to wonder why no one wants to come and see her. She is a beautiful girl who is four-years-old and is simply looking for a sofa, toys and a warm bed. She really does enjoy the simple things in life.

Tammy is a sweet Lurcher who is looking for a quiet home where she will be the only pet but she could live with children ages 14 and above. Tammy's dream home would have a large, secure garden where she can play and explore.

Tammy needs a home (16056067)
Tammy needs a home (16056067)

She would also like to be in a home that understands lurchers as a breed as they are unique but in the most wonderful way. Poor Tammy would just love for someone to come to meet her as she is sure it would be love at first sight as after coming in as a stray from an uncertain past she wants a safe, secure home to call her own.

If you would like to know a little more about Tammy then please call the South Lincs team on 01205 260546.

Training Tip

Carrying on from our previous training tip regarding trick training, here is another fun trick you can do with your dog. This week we are going to teach our dogs to sit pretty - this is where they do a sit but then bring their front paws off the floor and balance on their bottoms. It is helpful when teaching this that your dog is clicker trained. Make sure you have lots of your dog’s favourite treats ready!

Tammy needs a home (16056063)
Tammy needs a home (16056063)

Ask your dog to sit - if they do not know how to do this then before going any further teach them to sit. The easiest way to teach this is using a lure, although do be careful of your fingers if your dog is very foody.

Once you’ve asked your dog for a sit using some food at the end of their nose lure them so their front feet come off the floor, even just a tiny bit, then click and reward straight away. It is important that you do not try to push your dog or manoeuvre them into position yourself, as they need to find their own balance to fully achieve this trick.

Repeat this until your dog is able to bring both front feet fully off the floor, continuing to click and reward your dog each time. If they wander off at any point, they may be asking for a break so allow them to have one as this can be quite tiring for them.

Dog show winner Ozzie with Karen McGuire.
Dog show winner Ozzie with Karen McGuire.

Once your dog’s front feet are coming off the floor you can start to introduce your cue, something along the lines of ‘sit pretty’. From this point you can then very slowly start to increase the time between asking for the sit pretty and clicking. This means the dog will increase the amount of time they are sitting pretty. Good luck and most of all, have fun!


Summer show on Sunday

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