Suggestions include more cops and CCTV

Beer cans and other rubbish left in Abbey Path in Spalding.
Beer cans and other rubbish left in Abbey Path in Spalding.
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A GREATER police presence and CCTV are just two of the ideas from residents to stop the misery of drugs and drink in a Spalding alleyway.

People living and working near Abbey Path are concerned that the alleyway has become a den for drinkers, drug dealers and addicts.

A report in Tuesday’s Free Press about groups taking drugs, drinking alcohol and even urinating outside people’s homes has generated a number of responses on our website.

One message from FenBoy1 said: “It seems like an ideal opportunity to set up CCTV and install lighting there, then the recorded evidence can be used to convict the criminals and get them off the streets.

“It’s no good the authorities avoiding the issue by saying it’s due to the cost.

“The cost (to the public) is already too high with threats to public safety, drug taking, theft and handling stolen goods.

“How many more obvious offences need to be committed before something positive is done.”

Spalding town centre police currently patrol car parks near the alleyway during the daytime to try and stop drinking in the area.

But South Holland District Council cabinet member Roger Gambba-Jones suggested that residents could play their part in policing the alleyway by reporting antisocial behaviour to the police.

Coun Gambba-Jones, portfolio holder for waste management, green spaces and operational planning, said: “South Holland District Council takes the issue of crime litter and antisocial behaviour very seriously and, working with our partners, we are committed to tackling them.

“Issues can only be tackled effectively when they are reported to the relevant authority at the earliest opportunity and I would urge all responsible citizens to help us help their communities by reporting problems they see as soon as possible.”