Sue is one of the Donington slimmers walking all over cancer

Sue Heppleston now she's lost 4st and 2lb.
Sue Heppleston now she's lost 4st and 2lb.
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Super slimmer Sue Heppleston is one of the Donington Slimming World members taking part in the Walk All Over Cancer challenge.

Sue joined a year ago, reaching her target weight in March by shedding a magnificent 4st and 2lbs.

Sue Heppleston when she joined Slimming World.

Sue Heppleston when she joined Slimming World.

Friends and families are sponsoring slimmers for the number of steps they notch up and money raised will go to Cancer Research UK.

Sue said: “I’ll be aiming to reach 10,000. If you’d asked me to do that 12 months ago when I joined I’d have thought you were mad - walking even a few hundred yards just seemed totally out of reach.”

She has her own ways of building up her step count.

Sue said: “Parking the car further from work, walking with friends, getting off the bus a stop before, playing with my granddaughter, taking the stairs instead of the lift – it’s amazing what can make a huge difference when it comes to step count, and I am looking forward to finding new ways to fit steps in.”

As well as raising for research, members are boosting their own health because Slimming World says keeping a healthy weight can reduce the risk in developing 13 types of cancer.

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