Sue delivers baby grandson in car

Roadside baby Kenzie safe in the arms of his dad, Sam Church, at Pilgrim Hospital.
Roadside baby Kenzie safe in the arms of his dad, Sam Church, at Pilgrim Hospital.
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SUPERGRAN Sue Church switched from taxi driver to midwife in the early hours of Boxing Day when she ferried her son, Sam, and his pregnant partner, Sasha, to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

Her grandson, Kenzie, just couldn’t wait to come into the world – so Sue pulled in at the roadside near Surfleet Golf Club and delivered him on the front passenger seat of her tiny blue Vauxhall Corsa.

Sue (51), from Hereward Road, Spalding, called the emergency services and ambulance staff told her what to do as 6lb 6oz Kenzie made his grand entrance at 6.10am.

She said: “I was petrified because I know all the things that can go wrong. The emergency services were talking me through it and I just got on with it.”

Sam held Sasha’s hand during the delivery and kept an eye out for the ambulance which was on its way.

After Kenzie was born, paramedics arrived and took Kenzie to hospital with his mum.

Both were absolutely fine after the roadside drama and allowed home after an overnight stay.

Sue said: “Kenzie is absolutely beautiful. He is a special little boy. I helped deliver him so he’s got to be special. He’s my little sunshine or sunray.”

Sue, who works for Donington firm South Holland Plants, has never before delivered a baby although she was present when a friend’s daughter gave birth some years ago.

Sam (25) and Sasha (20), of Rowan Avenue, Spalding, have been together for about a year-and-a-half and Kenzie is their first child.

Sam said they had to stop the car as they neared Surfleet because the birth was so close and it wasn’t long before Kenzie’s head appeared.

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