Struggle to home cats in hard times

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TOUGH economic times could see an explosion in the number of abandoned kittens looking for homes over the next couple of months.

RSPCA staff and volunteers in the district are bracing themselves for an onslaught of new animals being brought into rehoming centres which are already full with pets looking for new owners.

Cherrie Bartlett, who rehomes cats in the district for the RSPCA, said the charity has found it increasingly difficult since the recession started to bite as people struggle to pay vet and food bills for their pets.

She said: “We are already full and people just don’t seem to be taking on new pets because of the financial situation.

“We recently did an appeal in the Spalding Guardian to find a new home for some cats, but we had very few calls.”

But it is looking like one cat that appeared in the newspaper could be heading for a happy ending.

Last month, we carried the story of Maggie, the stray black cat, who was taken to Cherrie to be rehomed after falling through the ceiling at the Broad Street Business Centre in Spalding.

After her ordeal she was taken in overnight by letting agent Harry Drury, who planned to take her to the vet the following morning, but the terrfied moggy wedged herself behind the boiler.

Maggie and two of her new friends at Cherrie’s rehoming centre have now been reserved and are awaiting a date to be taken home by their new owner.

Cherrie said: “Usually after a story like that we receive lots of calls offering a new home, but we had very few and that’s just how it is at the moment.

“Now kitten season is upon us and I fear we will be finding plenty dumped in cardboard boxes in the next few months.”

Anyone interested in rehoming a cat can call Cherrie on 01205 319059.