STREET DRINKING: Intimidation, urination and even sex

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I am writing to you, as I feel the time has come to highlight the ongoing issues with street drinking.

As a resident of this town, living on High Street, I do on a daily basis witness all sorts of issues involving these drinkers across the river on Albion Street and Double Street.

Over the past few months, it has got worse, again resulting in increased litter, intimidation, pollution in the river, people going to the toilet in daylight by the riverside and at night even sexual activities.

Why do we, the locals, get the feeling nobody is listening to the impact all this has on us, and our area.

Patrols were good when we had a campaign to cut down on it all, but sadly we don’t see any patrols now. Not long ago

we were told to call 101 by the police and they would then deal with it. Yet I’ve had an operator tell me it’s not a

crime. Well I know that, but what is we call 101 to report anti-social street drinking or not ?

It’s not just the riverside. Even on a simple shopping trip in town on Friday afternoon I witnessed four drinkers

down Gore Lane, eight outside Boots, two down the side of Aldi, and another gang of five in Victoria Street Car Park (one of whom decided to urinate in front of me ).

All this was within just two hours so you can see how

during a full day it could tally up.

To many locals, sitting on a bench (even alone ) with booze is seen as intimidating and anti-social and there

comes a time when we must question if a full ban should be enforced.

Many towns and cities across the UK are suffering the same issues and have done for years. But they have now chosen to be strict and ban it completely.

Us locals should have a voice on if we would like this to happen here.

Maybe a democratic vote would be the one way to see the balance of opinion once and for all.

Mr B Thompson