STRAIGHT TALK: The perfect end to a perfect day

Kate and Nancy Chapman
Kate and Nancy Chapman
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So, all the fun and festivities of Christmas are finally over and it’s back to reality with a bump. As predicted the Xmas telly was a letdown, so thank goodness we had Nancy for entertainment – and she didn’t disappoint.

I was amazed at just how well behaved she was all day – not that she isn’t normally, but I just suspected the mix of over-excitement, attention, presents and the abundance of Christmas food would lead to a terrible toddler meltdown – but I needn’t have worried as she was as good as gold all day.

We got off to a good start with her sleeping in until 7am. As I said previously she hasn’t really grasped the whole concept of Christmas yet – the tree went up and has been left untouched; apart from a bit of initial interest in the shiny gold baubles she’s barely been near it and she cried when we took her to visit Father Christmas, although the tears stopped as soon as she was handed a present and a bag of chocolate coins, when she started waving and shouting ‘byeeee!’.

But her new Peppa Pig trike proved a great hit – as did her big pink teapot tea set, hobby horse and replica till (including chip and PIN device and barcode scanner!) although I think the presents she was most impressed with were her own set of beeping car keys and a shopping bag (Peppa Pig again, of course!) which she gayly spent ages playing with, packing them and unpacking them.

She cleared her plate at lunchtime having stuffed herself with turkey, chipolatas and Brussels sprouts and tucked into a massive helping of Christmas pudding all without so much as a drop on the plastic sheeting put down to catch any mishaps.

Come the afternoon she danced along to Happy Feet and then spent the rest of the day commanding everyone to take it in turns pushing her round on her new trike; she can’t quite reach the pedals yet so the handle attached to the back has been extremely useful – the only thing we need now is for Nancy to learn to steer it in a straight line!

Come bedtime she took herself off for a bath without any fuss, gave everyone a sloppy good night kiss and was fast asleep within minutes. The perfect end to the perfect day!

nIt’s with a tinge of sadness that I write this week’s column as it is going to be my last Mum’s the Word for the Lincolnshire Free Press. I hope that I’ve kept you amused and entertained during the last eight months with the trials and tribulations of being a first-time mum – and given you food for thought on some of the other issues I’ve written about. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed keeping you updated with all of Nancy’s antics, so thanks for reading and a Happy New Year to you all.