STRAIGHT TALK: The fear I have now that Nancy is literally into everything

Kate Chapman and baby Nancy.
Kate Chapman and baby Nancy.
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Now she’s fully fledged my little mischief-maker has been up to all sorts this week.

She’s so good on her feet that she’s taken to running everywhere instead of walking, and is, as I write, charging round the house like a bull in a china shop, stomping over everything that gets in her way and bouncing off the furniture.

It’s exactly the same outside – she just can’t get anywhere quick enough, hence we ended up with our first scraped knee the other day when she bounced off the garden path.

But to her credit, she was a brave little soldier and dusted herself down without a tear before getting back on her merry way to the see-saw!

I think I was more upset about the whole little epsiode – not least because I had to clean up the big red graze. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be the first of many.

Another thing I’ve noticed now Nancy is mobile is that nothing is out of bounds – no room, no cupboard – nothing is safe, even if placed out of reach of her ‘go-go gadget’, arms which seem to be equalling Mr Tickle’s when it comes to grabbing things.

She can reach the door handles too, rather than Tarzan-style swinging off them as she did previously, and has taken to letting herself into the downstairs toilet, where her new game is to get as many sheets of toilet paper off the roll as possible before stuffing them down the toilet.

Mission accomplished she turns to me, holding her hands out, yelling ‘gone’ at the top of her voice, all while looking very pleased with herself.

Thankfully she hasn’t managed to stuff a whole roll down there yet, but I sense it’s only a matter of time!

Another favourite is going into the kitchen cupboards to pull out whatever she can.

In the end I got so fed up of saying ‘No’ and clearing up the mess left in her tiny wake that I’ve invested in some cupboard locks to keep her little fingers out. I have to say they certainly do their job as even we’re struggling to get into them!

So life with a toddler is proving to be entertaining to say the least! I thought I’d got everything covered and was prepared for all eventualities but just when I think I can relax and leave her alone for two minutes she manages to grab hold of something else, or get into another place she shouldn’t be.

I’m going to have to leave it there for this week, as I can hear noises coming from the dining room which sound very much like my sideboard doors and crockery being investigated...