STRAIGHT TALK: Take my money...please!

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NEVER have I been so eager to hope that money will be deducted from my bank account.

Since Monday I have been checking the balance with anticipation to see whether I have bagged myself tickets to what I hope will be a highlight of next year.

So far, I haven’t been lucky but I’m hoping to join the masses to witness a selection of track and field events for the Olympics.

I didn’t get giddy and order tickets valued at thousands of pounds, and neither am I wishing for a front row seat for the men’s 100m final.

But I do want to be part of something spectacular which, apart from entertainment value, has the opportunity to shine the spotlight on grassroots sports clubs, secure them vital funds and access to great facilities.

Yesterday it was revealed the Olympic torch will be visiting Lincoln on June 27 and Peterborough on July 3.

They were among the first 74 locations to be named as part of the route.

In South Holland and the Deepings, we are in the estimated 95 per cent of people living within an hour’s travel of the torch visits.

South Lincolnshire’s towns may not have been among the first places listed but let’s not hop on the “we’ve been forgotten again” bandwagon.

I believe this experience is going to be what you make it and I intend to throw myself into it with as much spirit as I can muster.

This is our opportunity to inspire more people to take part in activities which have so much more to offer than a healthy lifestyle.

I have been a member of a netball club since I was 11 and have traipsed across Lincolnshire and further across the East Midlands for matches.

My other half is a keen rugby player and I can often be found loitering with the other WAGs on a Saturday afternoon.

Not only are they both great ways to keep fit and work off the stresses of the day, we have made friends for life. It’s the kind of cameraderie I haven’t been able to match anywhere else.

By seeing that kind of team work in the Olympic games, I want the next generation to be inspired to do the same.

We are lucky to be hosting this prestigious sporting event so now is the time to band together, support our local clubs and show the world what makes us – and our future athletes – so great.