STRAIGHT TALK: Let’s grab the bull by the horns

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We all love a grumble in this country, don’t we?

We all love a grumble in this country, don’t we?

I should know, I moan along with the best of them.

Particularly at the moment when, in the middle of a drought, I’ve been rained on each of the last three times I’ve dared venture out into Spalding for lunch.

I think somebody upstairs is trying to tell me something.

A pretty common grumble people have with the district council is ‘all they do is take the bins’.

Maybe that’s a bit unfair but I suppose that’s because the bin men are the most visible and obvious thing you get for your money.

Still, the new-look council is on the lookout to do more to tackle the things that matter to you with its ward member budgets.

You might think that these £5,000 cash pots sound like the next dodgy gimmick (to grumbling add natural cynicism, and quite right too) but actually they strike me as a decent idea to try to get things done.

The trick will be for the public not to chunter to themselves as I do on a wet lunch time in Hall Place, but to pick up the phone and press their councillor into action.

That way they must either dip into their pockets and pay for that nagging improvement you would like to see made, or show you a bigger and better idea that they have got for your money.

And rest assured we’ll do all we can to try to highlight where and when this money is being spent – especially since it could be difficult to ensure in wards such as Crowland and Deeping St Nicholas, that the cash is split fairly between the two (I don’t really understand why they are bunched together).

But it’s not all about ‘getting the buggers to do some work’ of course.

It will rely on us all to suggest some worthy ways in which the cash should be spent, to be realistic (it isn’t big bucks after all) and not to sit on our backsides spouting the bins line.

That way the council can ensure it is directing at least some of its money to what we want.

So, the challenge is there. If you’ve got a gripe now’s your chance. Get on to your councillor and see if their new budget can help.

Hopefully the results won’t give us yet another reason to grumble.