STRAIGHT TALK: In support of a town booze ban

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THERE is a very big difference between drinking a glass of wine during a picnic in the park and swigging from a lager can in the street.

That difference is that the person enjoying the can is usually drunk or at least getting to that state.

And when people are inebriated they can – often unintentionally – intimidate and irritate.

Which is why a complete drinking ban for Spalding town centre (front page) is a no-brainer of an idea – and one for which no right-thinking person could dream up an excuse to defend.

I enjoy my alcohol as much as the next man and tend to indulge most weekends, but there is no way you would ever see me sitting on a bench in the market place drinking.

There are places to drink alcohol socially – and our town centres are not one of them.

IT is such a great pity that this year’s Radar Challenge has been plunged into doubt (page 9).

Next Sunday’s event usually gets hundreds of entries, but this year has only a handful because it clashes with Mothering Sunday.

The charity occasion – which annually has combined a fun run, a road race, family cycle ride and sponsored walks – raises thousands of pounds for good causes.

Organisers will no doubt rue organising the day for March 18 – but hopefully enough of you can sign up in the next day or two to rescue the event.

PLANS for the development of Spalding town centre have got the town buzzing over the last few weeks.

Many of us hoped that Corbo would shed more light on those plans at Tuesday night’s Chamber of Commerce meeting (page 3), but unfortunately this was not the case. I guess we’ll all have to wait a little longer.