STRAIGHT TALK: I’m in no mood to pity ‘poor’ bankers

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ACCORDING to Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond (2010 bonus of £6.5million) it’s time we ended the period of remorse for our poor bankers.

Apparently a few nasty comments is payment enough for the recklessness that nearly wrecked the entire economy. I don’t think so, in fact i’m quite surprised that people aren’t even angrier about this.

I was positively seething this week to read Barclays have dished out £110million to five of its top earners – including the aptly named Rich Ricci, who pocketed £44million last year.

Worryingly this comes days after I read Bank of England Governor Mervyn King raise fears of a second “Credit Crunch” after he’s seen some banks start to take the kind of risks that prompted the first crisis.

They just haven’t learnt a thing – and that’s why I’m in no mood for the period of remorse to end.

Everyone in the real world – in both the public and private sectors – has had to face up to pay freezes if they are lucky and job cuts if they are not.

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to keep a job faces a hike in VAT, rocketing fuel prices and crippling energy bills, making even a frozen pay packet feel much lighter than before.

Yet the bankers continue to trouser wages and bonuses that in one year are beyond the average dream earnings for the lifetime of you or me.

They should be ashamed to take that cash and if they’re not we should keep on at them until they feel ashamed, whatever Bob thinks.

To prop up the failing banking system the country was plunged into the debt which has sparked the current Government’s programme of eye-watering cuts.

Maybe it’s the Nottingham in me that yearns for a bit of Robin Hood action to claw the bankers’ money back and redistribute it to the good causes that will be forced to fold as a result of those cuts.

You often hear the argument that bankers would, if not paid hideous bonuses, leave the country and go elsewhere.

If that were to happen then good riddance. These pillocks have plummeted us head first into a financial crisis so they can’t be that good that we’d miss them much can they?