STRAIGHT TALK: Be careful what you take away

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‘IT never rains but it pours’ for one worried group of parents in South Holland right now.

I’ve recently been speaking to some extremely worried parents with children that have severe learning difficulties and disabilities who get a few well-earned nights off from looking after their offspring thanks to Cedar House in Spalding.

They were all pretty angry that Lincolnshire County Council is even be considering its future, but are now doubly distraught to find that the next-door Chappell Centre is also at risk.

The day centre offers a chance for people to live a life out of their own four walls.

It’s pretty sad that we’re living in a world where these two services are at risk. I know we’ve not got a bottomless pit of money to throw around and the Government is hell bent on slashing the deficit but does that mean we cast aside vulnerable people to balance the books?

That’s not something to be proud of.

Of course the council says the people affected by this won’t lose the services, and that they’ll get the money they need to fund them.

That still sounds worryingly like letting people fend for themselves.

I’m not sure anyone was really clamouring for the ‘freedom’ to search for their own service to look after their disabled son/daughter either.

There’s a lot of convincing to be done on this and a lot of worried parents who need, and deserve, answers.

One consultation that’s currently being ‘examined’ is one into the way ‘Household Waste Recycling Centres’ are run in the county.

You may not be gripped by the future of ‘the tip’ but I am.

Mainly because you don’t realise how lucky you are to have such a good one in Spalding. The helpful staff here are a far cry from the miserable old moaners that I remember from the one nearest to where I grew up in Nottingham.

They delighted in rudely barking orders at you, whereas here I’ve always found them a massive help (particularly the chap who impressively ‘bench pressed’ my massive old telly at the weekend).

Hopefully, after the consultation they’ll keep that as it is.