STRAIGHT TALK: ‘Banking’ on you at Christmas

Editor Jeremy Ransome.
Editor Jeremy Ransome.
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IT was with a lovely, positive feeling that I met with the kind folk at the Agape Care Foodbank recently as we put plans together to launch our Christmas appeal.

Together with Agape we are looking to spread some festive cheer to those who need it by giving out special food hampers containing everything they need to make a Christmas meal (latest story on page 6).

And I must admit it is a pleasure as a newspaper editor when you can do something to actually help the community you live in.

During over 22 years in local newspapers I have had to deal with my fair share of complaints, some valid and others that I considered unjust.

Bad news does sell, unfortunately, and a newspaper is there to be an historical record of the times and record the events of the day.

So, although it is often done with a heavy heart, you will find us writing stories about murders, car crashes and failed business ventures. And you will buy those newspapers, read those stories and discuss them with friends and family, often with the same heavy heart as the author.

From time to time, however, we get to report on something that really warms the heart, and as a journalist that is something that is always a pleasure.

To write words that will only bring warmth and positivity, that even if they make people cry will give them a chance to do something about the situation that makes them so sad.

During my nine months at the helm here we have ran several campaigns to help improve the lives of individual local, disabled children.

Our money raising targets have been achieved very quickly thanks to the generosity of you, the Spalding Guardian readers.

As I said earlier, our job is to record current events, and, unfortunately, the Foodbank Christmas Appeal is urgently needed because of what is going on in Spalding and the surrounding area at the moment.

Domestic abuse, redundancy, delays in benefits payments and just plain struggling to make ends meet have made a happy Christmas no more than a pipedream for many local families.

But with your help, we really can make it happen for them. Produce World Marshalls is providing all the veg and it is hoped a supplier will soon come forward with the meat – you can do the rest.

Already your donations have started pouring in at the Foodbank in Haverfield Road, at Sainsbury’s in Holland Market, at our newspaper offices in The Crescent and at the Market House in Long Sutton.

Just by purchasing one of the items on the shopping list you could help make a wonderful difference to those who most deserve it.

Or how about cashing in your clubcard points as one kind lady did at Sainsbury in Spalding on Saturday?

Your generosity continues to amaze. Thank you so much and please continue.