STRAIGHT TALK: A very sad example of today’s selfish society

LFP office'Byline pic Jodie
LFP office'Byline pic Jodie
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Today’s society is such a harsh and hostile environment to be a part of, the term “every man for himself” comes to mind, but this is an all-time low.

A two-year-old girl in southern China, who was run over by two vans and ignored by 18 passers-by, has died.

Camera footage showed people walking past as she lay bleeding and unconscious. Wan Yue was knocked down by a van while wondering through the market, where her parents run a shop.

It is not the accident itself, but what happened next — or rather didn’t happen – that has left millions of ordinary Chinese citizens wandering where their country is heading.

After Wan Yue was run over for the first time, a couple of minutes later 18 people walked past the bleeding toddler, and another van ran over her legs, but still no one stopped to help.

How can this amount of people just walk on by when a toddler lays bleeding in the street?

Police have detained both vehicles involved in the incident, but what happens to the people that just walked by this run-down toddler? The answer is nothing, this makes my stomach churn. How can these people show no compassion to a seriously injured child?

I strongly believe that the people who just ignored this poor little girl are just as much to blame as the vans that ran her over.

This act is so inhumane and I believe that they should be severely punished because of their ignorant actions.

It took a rubbish collector to finally move the toddler to the side of the street.

He was hailed a national hero, but the incident led many online commentators to question the state of Chinese morality.

This story angers me further as China is part of the United Nations Human Rights Council. The irony of this infuriates me. Where were these citizens morals when they just left the girl for dead?

Wan Yue died of “systemic organ failure” after being in a coma since the incident on October 13.

Just imagine if someone stopped and helped Wan earlier, she could be playing like any other two-year-old would be right now.