‘Stop people parking on double yellows’ – Spalding resident’s plea

The scene at Camel Gate, Spalding, where a woman of 84 was injured on Friday.
The scene at Camel Gate, Spalding, where a woman of 84 was injured on Friday.
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A Spalding woman fears someone will have to die before authorities stop drivers parking on Camel Gate, where a woman of 84 was seriously injured on Friday lunchtime.

The public highway, which has double yellows, runs alongside Springfields Retail outlet and the resident, who didn’t want to be named, is concerned that shoppers parking on the lines or in a lay-by are making the road dangerous.

But she says county highways, police and Springfields have all told her it’s nothing to do with them – and she’s got nowhere during a three-year battle to get some action.

Mick Phoenix, the county council regulation services manager, said: “Our parking wardens do regularly patrol Camel Gate outside of the Springfield’s Shopping Centre. In the last year our officers have made 289 visits and issued 75 PCN’s (penalty charge notices).

“The double yellow lines here mean motorists cannot wait or park here at any time, but vehicles can stop to let passengers out or to load or unload their vehicle.

“Motorists who hold a Blue Badge are legally allowed to park on these restrictions for up to three hours.

“Highways have advised that this road is of a sufficient width to allow two-way traffic flow.”

A council spokesman said Springfields Retail Outlet charge disabled shoppers for parking in its car parks, but the centre’s retail director Simon Stone said that has been the case since the centre opened.

Mr Stone told us: “Regrettably the lay-by is not under our jurisdiction or ownership.

“We do however encourage customers to park in one of our three car parks that are all Park Mark accredited.”