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South Lincolnshire's Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find a home for Nala

This bundle of fluff Nala is the only dog currently awaiting a home at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in South Lincolnshire.

Nalais looking for a brand new home, but does need people who have some experience with her breed or similar large breeds as she is quite big and bouncy.

She would prefer to have an adult only home as shedoes jump up a lot!

Nala (42286506)
Nala (42286506)

She will require ongoing training in the home as she is very strong on lead so I would benefit from learning some loose lead walking. The girls at the centre have also started working on her muzzle training as she is very interested in birds and fluffy animals.

For this reason, she would need to be the only pet and dog in the home, she would also prefer it if there were no animals living next-door either.

She needs a secure garden with a 6ft fence so she can’t go off on any adventures! If you would like to know more about Nala and her cheeky personality then give the South Lincolnshire team a call on 01205 260546, or alternatively you can email them at slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Looking for a new activity with your dog?

Fancy trying out a new activity with your dogs? Why not try some agility?

Have you ever wanted to try out agility with your dog? Then good news…our agility field is now open for hire!

We have a variety of new equipment for your dogs to enjoy such as an ‘A’ frame, open tunnels, weaving posts, walkways and standard jumps which can all be altered to suit your dog’s ability. At only £8 for half an hour what have you got to lose!? It’s a great form of exercise not only for your dog but for you as well!

For more information or to book please get in touch with us on 01205 260546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Training tip: House rules

We all have “rules” in place in our homes for our family and guests to follow such as taking your shoes off before coming inside, closing doors behind you, turning the lights off before you leave a room and so many more.

So it seems reasonable enough that we also have rules for our dogs – but why are they hard to follow?

Whether you want your dog to stay off the furniture, not jump up at the kitchen countertops or pull through the front door when going for a walk, we need to ensure we are always consistent with putting these rules in place.

This might mean discussing with the entire family what the rules are to ensure everyone follows through and you may need to change your mind-set from “I don’t want my dog to do this” to “I would like my dog to do this instead.”

Here are some examples:

“I don’t want my dog on the furniture; instead I would like them to lay on their bed.”

“I don’t want my dog jumping up at the kitchen sides; instead I would like them to sit down next to me.”

“I don’t want my dog to pull through doorways; instead I want them to wait by my side until asked to go through.”

If you can start teaching your dogs to do these other behaviours in low distraction environments where you can gradually build them up they can then perform them at the desired times.

In the meantime, reduce your dog practising the unwanted behaviour where possible. Put a blanket on the sofa, which means they are only allowed on the sofa when it is on and take it off when they aren’t. If you make the floor seem like a great place to be with treats your dog will enjoy it! You can also put your dog in a different room with something else to do when you are cooking and you can scatter treats at the threshold of the door before opening, so they are eating treats instead of pulling.

Be creative with ideas of alternate behaviours your dog can do instead and most importantly make sure the whole house is following the same rules!

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