Steps to boost Spalding’s traffic flow go to public consultation in 2016

Is it the swan song for Swan Street as a through-route? Plans go out to consultation next year. SG091215-104TW
Is it the swan song for Swan Street as a through-route? Plans go out to consultation next year. SG091215-104TW
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Steps to boost traffic flow in Spalding – including part closure of Swan Street and removal of traffic lights – will go to public consultation next year.

Spalding Town Forum heard the latest plans also involve measures to make life easier for pedestrians walking between the town centre and bus station on Winfrey Avenue.

Spalding Transport Strategy is a joint project between the county and district councils.

One major scheme, a vehicular bridge over the railway line between Park Road and King’s Road, will stay on the back-burner for now – although it’s seen as vital infrastructure to keep traffic on the move and to stop the town being cut in half by rising numbers of freight trains.

Coun Gary Taylor told the Spalding Guardian: “We are still trying to campaign for it.”

Residents cut off by repeated level crossing barrier failures in Winsover Road earlier this year were going to other towns to shop.

Coun Taylor said Spalding councillors want to make it easier for residents to shop in Spalding and to ensure that town centre traders benefit from their spending as well as keep traffic flowing freely.

County highways officer Jonathan Wickham said a number of options are being explored to improve traffic flow throughout Spalding.

He said: “One option currently under investigation is reducing the number of traffic signals (lights) in the centre, which would also reduce the energy use and the cost of powering the signals.

“We’re also looking at measures to improve the pedestrian access between the town centre and bus station, and the potential to make better use of the Swan Street area by the removal of through-traffic, subject to consultation.”

It’s understood traffic lights earmarked for possible removal include those at the Swan Street junction with the A151 (Station Approach) as they would be redundant if Swan Street is closed up to Sainsbury’s goods access, but the county council hasn’t told the Spalding Guardian which lights could go. It says full details will be available in 2016.

Town forum chairman George Aley said “nothing is written in stone” at this stage.

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