Steampunk fairytale with circus skills

Kinesonic ANL-140910-130558001
Kinesonic ANL-140910-130558001
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News from the Spalding’s South Holland Centre

Exciting British circus theatre company Vagabond’s Hat perform their brand new show ‘Kinesonic’ at the South Holland Centre next month.

Kinesonic - the laser harp ANL-140910-130609001

Kinesonic - the laser harp ANL-140910-130609001

One of the company directors, Alex Flanagan, took some time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to talk to us about this amazing show.

Who are Vagabond’s Hat and what do you do?

Vagabond’s Hat was formed by myself and lifelong friend Augusts Dakteris. Both Augusts and myself grew up in the surrounding villages local to Spalding, so it makes us very proud to be bringing the Kinesonic tour to the South Holland Centre.

We both studied performance art together at Boston College some 10 years ago, before going our separate ways to study in higher education.

We then formed Vagabond’s Hat to create work that blends the heart stopping beauty and thrill of circus skills with poetic narratives and live music, creating performances that are joyful, stimulating and often surreal.

How does circus theatre differ from traditional circus?

Our style of circus theatre does away with the ringmaster and makes circus skills and music integral to the telling of a story. Our audiences escape to a fantasy world as we inspire the imagination with our quirky characters and beautiful narrative.

‘Kinesonic’ has been described as a steampunk fairytale. What does this mean and what can audiences expect from the performance?

Kinesonic has taken inspiration from the sci-fi sub-genre that is Steampunk, echoing the works of Jules Verne and HG Wells. It is set in a strange mechanical world where machines run to keep pieces of music alive.

Under the bumbling leadership of Victor the Victorian, an unlikely team of three workers as odd as the world they live in must pull together and perform a series of extraordinary tasks in an attempt to restart their ramshackle musical engine.

The performance uses a quirky mix of high-skill circus, slapstick comedy and innovative music making, to weave together the uplifting steampunk fairytale that is Kinesonic.

Who is the show suitable for and why should they come to see it?

The show has been developed for family audiences and also makes an exciting theatre trip for schools and community groups. It is so unique and a must see if you’re looking for something uplifting and funny with a ton of wow factor!

What are you up to next?

Following our 2014 regional tour we are hoping to take the show onto a national and international touring network in 2015/16.

* Vagabond’s Hat perform Kinesonic at the South Holland Centre on Friday, November 7 at 1.30pm and 7pm. Performances will be followed by a post-show ‘Question & Answer’ session. Tickets are £7.50 each or £25 for a family ticket.