‘Stay safe’ plea as arctic blast continues

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The arctic blast that brought snow to the area this week has raised fears freezing conditions will bring an increase in accidents.

After exceptionally mild conditions over Christmas, temperatures are expected to plunge to -5C this evening (Tuesday) with heavy snow predicted oon Friday, according to the Met Office.

Snow fell across the district during Sunday night becoming heavier Monday afternoon. It is expected to remain around freezing or below until at least Sunday.

Six new gritters based at Pode Hole kept the areas’s roads accident free on Monday, but police have issued warnings after a spate of incidents in similar conditions a year ago when motorists ignored conditions and left the road. There was also a number of accidents during a cold spell before Christmas.

Last week there was additional concern when South Holland was shrouded in fog on Thursday and a collision took place on Crowland bypass, blocking the road at rush hour.

Sgt Stuart Hurst, of Spalding police, is urging motorists heading for work to take extra care in freezing conditions.

He said: “Leaving the engines running to defrost the windscreens makes easy pickings for thieves.

“Give yourself plenty of time to get to work and always drive taking into account the road conditions.

“It’s advisable to make sure your mobile is charged in case you run into trouble and have extra warm clothes in the car and a flask with a hot drink.

”It’s also advisable to have spare headlight bulbs with you so if it is dark you will be seen. In other parts of Europe drivers have to do this by law.”

John Siddle, of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said if conditions are bad motorists should always ask themselves if the journey was really necessary.

He said: “If the journey is necessary always be prepared. Additional ways of staying safe include making sure you have plenty of fuel so you can keep the engine running and be warm – and let people know before you set off what time you are expected to arrive.

“Should you lose control in the ice, take your foot off the accelerator and don’t brake until you regain control.

”When there is an accident most drivers will never put it down to bad handling, but when the roads are icy it doesn’t matter how skilled you are.”

More tips and advice on winter driving are available by visiting www.roadlincs.com