St Nicolas Players welcomes newcomers

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Next Thursday’s workshop will give people the chance to hear the songs and have a go – not necessarily on their own.

Jules says the tunes are very often more about the character than the song, and she says you don’t have to have a great voice as some of the songs are “almost spoken”.

Performing shouldn’t alarm anyone though as St Nicolas Players has a reputation for being an inclusive society.

Jules says: “It’s the sort of society that attracts people and makes them feel welcome whatever their ability or their interest.

“We will teach you and we are quite interested in educating people. We are a very inclusive and supportive society.”

That inclusiveness extends to the children of performers, with colouring sessions frequently going on during weekend rehearsals.

Jules says St Nicolas Players’ numbers have dwindled since some members left to go to university, though there is every chance they will return at the end of their studies.

But they would welcome anyone who is interested in singing, drumming, or getting involved with make-up or costume.