‘Spin’ of wind farm developer under fire

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Protesters made their objections heard outside a public exhibition on plans for a wind farm in West Pinchbeck.

Residents carrying banners and placards set up outside the meeting while inside Wind Ventures were accused of putting “spin” on the scale of impact the nine turbines would have on neighbouring residents and wildlife.

Campaigners involved in the Stop West Pinchbeck Wind Farm group said pictures of the proposed turbines, which could be up to 125m high, made them look far smaller and less dominant and that maps showing where they would be located did not show neighbouring nature reserves.

Sue Blake said: “It was quite obvious that they didn’t want to draw attention to the issues here, particularly as they had admitted at a previous meeting that when they identified this as a possible site for a wind farm they didn’t know the nature reserves were there.

“The exhibition was full of the typical wind farm developer’s spin, with photomontages that were in no way reflective of how it would look if it got the go-ahead.”

Mrs Blake also said concerns about noise from the turbines persisted, as the company overseeing that aspect of the proposal was the same one that monitored noise at Jane and Julian Davis’s home in nearby Deeping St Nicholas and admitted in the High Court, under oath, that it had withheld noise data from the council.

A new page has now been added to the campaign’s website www.stopwestpinchbeckwindfarm.org.uk/our-supporters outlining the objections of prominent groups and individuals and Mrs Blake is urging as many people as possible to sign up to the group’s newsletter to stay abreast of developments.

• Wind Ventures said it was pleased with the day-long public exhibition, which attracted almost 150 people both for and against the proposals.

Project manager Richard Lord said: “We were able to address many of people’s concerns and also explain how this project can truly benefit the local area whilst increasing our nation’s domestic supply of greener and cleaner energy.
“Feedback will be taken into account as we finalise a planning application which we hope to submit by the end of 2012.”