Spelling it out to speeding motorists

Speedwatch sign
Speedwatch sign
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CABINET CALL: This week by leader of the South Holland District Council Independent group Angela Newton

Responding to the needs and wants of constituents is an essential part of being a district councillor.

One way that we can help turn your suggestions into reality is through our ward budgets which we are handed each year to support projects that will benefit our communities.

Every Councillor receives £5,000 to put towards local initiatives and we are always open to new ideas.

As there is no Parish Council for Spalding, there is nothing to stop Spalding Councillors from getting together and jointly supporting schemes which will benefit the whole town, as opposed to just our individual wards.

At the moment, ALL Spalding Councillors have clubbed together to fund some Re-active road speed signs.

We all get complaints about speeding drivers in our wards so we decided a concerted campaign, assisted by PC Craig Lockton and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, is the best answer.

We are currently awaiting delivery of these moveable Re-active signs, and static signs to remind drivers they are within a 30mph location.

The Re-active signs, which light up and advise drivers of their speed, will be situated near schools and hotspots such as Winsover Road, Bourne Road, Monks House Lane, The Parkway, Park Road, Woolram Wygate, West Elloe Avenue, Halmer Gate, Cowbit Road, Queens Road, Pennygate, and Hawthorn Bank.

Alan Hardwick, The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, has agreed to contribute to the purchase of the six passive static signs.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership launched the Community Speed Watch initiative last autumn, and if the Spalding Councillors can, by funding these moveable signs, help to tackle the speeding issues in our Wards, it will be a good investment.

We are confident that they will make a positive difference and look forward to seeing the signs put up.

Do you have an idea for a project that would benefit your community? Get in touch with your local district councillor by visiting www.sholland.gov.uk.