Speeding warning from Spalding traders

Traders in the Crescent, Spalding, fear for the safety of pedestrians, including students from Spalding Grammar School, because of speeding vehicles.
Traders in the Crescent, Spalding, fear for the safety of pedestrians, including students from Spalding Grammar School, because of speeding vehicles.
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Traders in a Spalding street are calling for action to stop speeding vehicles before a serious or fatal crash happens outside their shops.

The call comes from traders in The Crescent where “so many near misses” have been claimed involving people who cross the road while under threat from cars, vans and HGVs going too fast on a narrow street.

A meeting of The Crescent Traders Association last Tuesday highlighted the dangers faced by pedestrians in The Crescent which has a “blind bend” at its junction with Drapers Place and 
Vine Street.

Robert Fogg of George Adams and Sons Butchers said: “There are cars that come down from London Road speeding and drivers then slam the breaks down at the “Give Way” sign (at the junction of The Crescent and Spring Gardens.

“They seem to think they can go as fast as they can, but there are lots of shops round here and if they go too fast, they might end up dead.”

Emma Peake of Daisies Florists said: “There are big problems because of the slight bend between The Crescent and Vine Street where you have people on bikes going up the street the wrong way and cars doing 30mph or 40mph.

“It’s especially bad when you have Spalding Grammar School kids and elderly people crossing the road who may not have time to think that someone in a car is going to come and hit them.

“Maybe some signage or lettering on The Crescent which says ‘Slow’ would be helpful because we don’t want to wait until somebody gets hit.”

One trader, Gary Parkinson of Parky’s Pranks, has taken the matter up with Spalding town centre manager Dennis Hannant and John Hayes, MP for South Holland and The Deepings.

Gary said: “The cars are coming into a blind bend too quickly and there have been so many near misses.

“You’re also getting cars that come down The Crescent the wrong way, so something needs to be done to slow traffic down and direct them the right way.

“I’ve been here five years and I’ve seen something happen here nearly every week, but it seems like nothing will happen until something happens.”

Mr Hannant said: “I have personally witnessed some near misses by cars and vans with students and elderly people.

“In my view, the Crescent should be a 20mph zone due to the number of children that descend on that area during lunchtime.

“A ‘Children Crossing’ sign and a ‘Slow Down’ notice on the road, just before the corner (at Vine Street) might also help and won’t be too expensive.”

Debra Greeves, area highways manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said, “We liaise on a regular basis with many business groups in Spalding, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Crescent Traders Association.

“To date, we have not received any official reports of speeding on the Crescent but if anyone has a concern, the first step would be for them to report it to the police who would then carry out speed checks and enforce the existing 30mph speed limit as they consider necessary.“