Speeding on Spalding’s Wygate Park Road

John Siddle from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.
John Siddle from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.
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More than 45 per cent of the 20,000-plus vehicles using Spalding’s Wygate Park Road each day are speeding.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) conducted a five-day Archer survey, including a weekend, after Shire Avenue resident Jane Jones said she feared cracks in her house walls were caused by lorries thundering over sleeping policemen on the main estate road.

The former district councillor highlighted speeding as a problem as well as near-misses close to the build-out chicanes designed to slow traffic down.

The Spalding Guardian filmed traffic using the road and LRSP spokesman John Siddle estimated “the cars were either at or marginally above the speed limit”.

He said the survey revealed 45 per cent of cars exceeded the 30mph in one direction and 46.2 per cent in the other direction.

At 5mph over the limit, percentages respectively dropped to 9.7 and 11.3 – and at 10mph, they dropped to 2.1 and 3.4.

Mr Siddle said there has been only one slight injury accident recorded on Wygate Park Road and it will be up to the Neighbourhood Policing Team to decide if there is any traffic enforcement.

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