Speeding drivers help foot bill for Spalding to Crowland average speed cameras

John Siddle from LRSP
John Siddle from LRSP
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Speeding motorists will be among those footing the bill for a £192,000 average speed camera system on the A16 between Spalding and Crowland.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) spokesman John Siddle revealed that fees from speed awareness courses will be used to pay for the system along with those from other LRSP courses like those for newly qualified and mature drivers.

Speed awareness courses are an alternative to court penalties and are designed to educate drivers about the many dangers of speeding.

Mr Siddle said there is still no estimated start date for the work on the A16 although he’s hopeful the system will be installed this year.

The average speed cameras will cover a little over eight miles from the bypass in Spalding to a roundabout north of Crowland.

In October we revealed the system was due to be installed, but Mr Siddle has pointed out that a figure of £85,000 quoted in the story was inaccurate and LRSP had estimated the cost at £200,000.

The county’s first average speed camera system at Ropsley, near Grantham, cost around £250,000 but it cut the number of crashes by 57 per cent and saw a 70 per cent drop in deaths and serious injuries.

Mr Siddle says speed monitoring on the A1073 will continue.

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