SPEED LIMITS: Pleased with reduction but signs are pathetic

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I have no doubt that other local residents are as pleased as I am to see the introduction of a 30mph speed limit along Spalding Road from Woolram Wygate to the other side of Pinchbeck and also part way along Wardentree Lane towards Morrisons.

However, due to an apparent severe lack of publicity and the erecting of only two poorly placed, pathetic signs by the county council, the majority of our local motoring public continue to ignore the speeding restriction.

This, combined with the fact that there has been a total lack of police speed enforcement along this busy road for the last few years, does not bode well for future road safety or improved driver behaviour.

One can only hope that some further advisory speed signs or light-up warnings are planned for the area – as I doubt that any enforcement action is likely.

The county council should also consider erecting some traffic light warning signs at the junction of Wardentree Lane and Spalding Road as there is only a staggered junction sign here and nothing else.

I have seen a number of speeding motorists literally skidding to a halt when confronted by the lights changing to red.

Tom Bell