Speed cameras catch thousands of drivers speeding through Crowland

TAKING ACTION: One of six new yellow average speed cameras installed on the A16 Crowland bypass since November 2016 which have led to action being taken against more than 6,000 speeding motorists, according to Lincolnshire County Council figures. Photo: SG071116-201TW.
  • Welcome deterrent but average is too high

More than 6,000 drivers have been caught breaking the speed limit on the A16 in Crowland over a nine-month period, the Spalding Guardian can reveal.

Figures supplied by Lincolnshire County Council through a Freedom of Information request by the Guardian showed that between November 2016 and August 2017, 6,145 drivers had been dealt with for exceeding the 60mph limit on the bypass.

Either there is a great deal of ignorance as to what average speed control is or a vast number of people couldn’t care less

Coun Bryan Alcock, parish and district councillor for Crowland

Drivers caught were either put on a speed awareness course, fined, given penalty points on their licence or summoned to court.

Coun Bryan Alcock, parish and district councillor for Crowland, said: “It is obviously very disappointing that so many drivers are still breaking the law, but it is gratifying to know that they are actually prosecuted.

“Either there is a great deal of ignorance as to what average speed control is or a vast number of people couldn’t care less.

“As regards the effects of average speed cameras on the A16, it appears that even more traffic is using the old A1073 road to avoid the cameras and drive at excess speed to beat the lorries.

“Even if everyone adhered to the speed limit, an accident at that speed on the notorious (B1040 and B1166) junctions remains a serious concern.

“Locally, we all know that road roundabouts and a part-dual carriageway is the only safe solution.”

Six yellow cameras were installed on the A16 last November after eight deaths and 17 serious injuries there since it opened in October 2010.

Responding to the speeding figures, Crowland county councillor Nigel Pepper said: “As speed has been a contributory factor in the majority of accidents on this stretch of road, the introduction of average speed cameras has been welcomed and they have been effective in slowing down the majority of drivers.

“Whilst it maybe too early to draw any real conclusions, there is a clear indication that a reduction in road traffic collisions has occurred along the stretch of road covered by the cameras.

“However, it’s disappointing to note that an average of nearly 700 motorists a month have had action taken against them.

“Painted yellow, the cameras are clearly visible and with ‘Average Speed Check’ signs at the start of the zone, no one has an excuse for getting caught speeding.”

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