Spaling bookshop picks a good crime novel for Christmas

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Bookmark of Spalding has chosen Crime at Christmas by C H B Kitchin as its book of the week.

A crime classic for Christmas: a favourite choice with many readers.

‘There we were, all gathered together for a Christmas party, and plunged suddenly into gloom.’

Crime at Christmas is the second novel in a short series of four books featuring Malcolm Warren.

The first, Death of My Aunt, published in 1929 is considered something of a classic.

Crime at Christmas follows a familiar trope of the golden age of crime novels – several people are staying in a large house and one of them dies.

It could be an accident or it could be murder.

The various family members, guests and domestic staff have varying status, relationships and conflicts, and the resident amateur detective sets about solving the mystery.

With regards to the latter, Warren is somewhat of a fey, upper-class gentleman character and reluctant detective who hoards clues to protect reputations rather than handing them over to the police.

Just what’s called for on a cold winter’s evening...

The book retails for £8.99 but there is a 20 per cent discount voucher in the Spalding Guardian of November 12 that is valid until November 18.