Spalding yoga classes in Russian for all nationalities

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Latvian musician Nikolay Grunicev never expected to end up working in a factory.

And he certainly didn’t plan to work night shifts in that factory in Spalding.

In fact Nikolay says that within three months, he felt that the night work, accompanied by sleeping and eating at odd times, had “started to break my health”.

Nikolay worked in a private school in his home country, but was forced to seek work in the UK because, as he puts it: “Three years ago was not a good time for my family.”

As a result Nikolay, who had been teaching guitar to up to 20 students, found himself instead cleaning inside a local factory.

He says: “It broke my physical and mental health.”

All around him Nikolay could see other workers who were not happy, and says they were “just working to earn money for rent. Where is the life?”

In Latvia, Nikolay had already started to practise yoga, and he says the meditation and breathing exercises he had learnt did help.

However, he gave up his job and returned to Latvia, where he sought out a guru of a traditional form of yoga, called Natha Yoga.

He spent five months at the temple being initiated into Natha Yoga and becoming a follower of Shri Guru Yogi Matsyendranath.

Nikolay said: “It turned my life upside down, not just physically. This is knowledge about life because you understand you are not happy and feel something is wrong in life.

“I had seen a lot of unhappy people in the factory, people suffering.”

He learnt from his guru that people can only find happiness inside themselves, and only when they have learned to let go of negative emotions and to approach life with an open mind.

Returning to Spalding and his job in the factory, Nikolay found he was seeing and experiencing things differently and he no longer felt he was suffering.

He is now sharing that new approach to life in yoga classes at Tonic Health in Spalding on Mondays and Wednesdays (9.15am) and Tuesdays and Thursdays (5.30pm).

The classes are taught in Russian, with explanations in English for any English speakers who attend.