Spalding traffic warden thought he was God

In Bloomers  Geoff and Barbara Hemsil
In Bloomers Geoff and Barbara Hemsil
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Early in 2015, my wife, Barbara, and I volunteered to help keep the flower beds and rose beds on the riverside behind the South Holland Centre tidy for Spalding In Bloom.

We did the weeding and deheading on a regular basis and got rewarding remarks from visitors using the water taxi.

On Monday, December 20, I decided the beds needed a quick weed, so I parked my vehicle, with my tools, at the far end of the lay-by behind the centre.

I have a sign in the car window stating “Spalding In Bloom worker” and was wearing a high-visibility vest with the same wording. After approximately three minutes, I glanced up and saw a traffic warden looking at the sign in my car.

I approached him and said it was my car, to which he replied that anyone could make a sign like that and go into town shopping. I agreed, but insisted that I was there to work on the flower beds.

After a long, heated argument, he gave me no choice but to leave or get a parking ticket. I have never had any problems with other traffic wardens while working there.

As a genuine Spaldonian, who still cares for the look of our town, should I have to put up with the arrogance of a man in a green uniform who thinks he has more authority in running the town than our local council?

Barbara and I apologise if the flower beds soon look very untidy, but we personally cannot do anything about it if we cannot park our vehicle nearby.

I ask the question: What is the difference between God and a traffic warden?

Answer: God does not think he is a traffic warden.